Frame 5.5 problems generating PDF

Frame 5.5 problems generating PDF

Post by Viktor Haa » Tue, 11 Nov 1997 04:00:00

I've got the Frame 5.5 upgrade on my Win95 box. I also have upgraded to the
version of ATM that comes with Frame 5.5, and have the Distiller and Exchange
from Acroabt 3.0.

I've just run across a most curious error. I have a new document with a custom
page size (7" by 8"). There's nothing terribly funky about the layout. I use
three different fonts (all true type) in the document. I have two tables in the
document, both in the main text flow.

The document is about 4 and a half pages long.

For some reason, suddenly, I cannot save the document as PDF, nor can I
generate a Postscript file that will reliably distill! The distiller churns
through the entire PS (or .TPS in the case of "save as") file, gets to the last
page, and then crashes with a "page fault in acrodist.exe" just before
producing the PDF file as output!

I saved the file as MIF and opened it in Frame 5.1.2. From here I can generate
a distillable PS file with no problems. And there's no visible difference in
the file.

However, I don't want to have to do this whenever producing a PDF file. This is
the first time I've run across this problem with Frame 5.5. Have others had
this problem?

Is it possible it's because of the "custom" page size? Have other people had
problems with custom page size and producing PDF?

I'm really at a loss to continue, but this mysterious problem doesn't engender
a lot of confidence in 5.5! What's the current state of this release; is Adobe
already working on a patch release to fix bugs?

Inquiring minds want to know,

Viktor Haag                                        The PEER Group, Inc.

"We're gonna ride forever; you can't keep hor* in a cage." P. Gross


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FrameMaker 5.5 has a nice feature that allows you to specify internet
URLs as links in your document, then generate PDF that will retain the
links. When you open the document in the Acrobat Reader or Acrobat
Exchange (v. 3.0), and click on one of the links to the Web, it starts
the browser and connects to the link.


If you open the PDF using the plug-in for Netscape, then click on the
link, it doesn't resolve the entire link.

For example:

I have a link to

From the Acrobat plug-in, the URL is resolved as /beans/doc/index.html,
and naturally, it doesn't find anything resembling that. It seems to
assume some kind of base URL and chop the main URL to the hypertext

Is this a bug? Am I supposed to specify a base URL somewhere? If so

Any help would be appreciated.

Iain Lowe
Technical Publications
KL Group
(416) 594-1026

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