Cannot print to a pdf file with Distiller print driver

Cannot print to a pdf file with Distiller print driver

Post by Stu » Sun, 27 Jan 2002 04:44:16

I am using Adobe Acrobat 5.05 with Windows XP.  When I am using other
programs, I am trying to create a pdf  by choosing the Acrobat Distiller as
my printer.  No matter what program I use, I get an error saying the
document failed to print.  I uninstalled, reinstalled, updated and checked
the properties of the Acrobat Distiller printer and cannot print to a pdf
file.  Does anyone have a solution?

1. PS to PDF using Distiller Print Driver

I am having problems converting a ps file to pdf using the Distiller printer
I am running Acrobat 5.0 under windows 2000.
When I open the file and send it to print it appears as if the conversion
takes place, but the output still indicates ps 3.0 and not pdf.  Has anybody
ever encountered this problem.

Jack Marcus

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