Text disapears in Acrobat 5

Text disapears in Acrobat 5

Post by Eric Wes » Sat, 19 Jul 2003 08:50:57


I'm hoping somebody will be able to shed some light on a problem that we're
having with pdfs.

We are dynamically generating pdf documents, inserting values from a
database into text-fields. Things work wonderfully in all configurations
except WinXP with Acrobat 5. When viewing one of our pdf files with this
configuration, certain (consistent) text fields appear empty when Acrobat
opens them, but clicking anywhere in the text field causes the data to
appear. Clicking out of the field causes the text to disappear again.

I can provide further technical details on what we are specifically doing if
need be. I'm hoping this is something that somebody will recognize without
more depth necessary.

Thanks in advance for your time,