Problem : Creating Link Annotations Using Acrobat SDK

Problem : Creating Link Annotations Using Acrobat SDK

Post by Rahu » Tue, 05 Feb 2002 21:17:58


    A few days back I had asked for extracting Link information using
Acrobat SDK.Well after few trials I was successfulin doing that.I had
posted the same, but it never got updated.

As for now I am creating links within a PDF.
I am using PDPageAddNewAnnot to create a new annotation of the type
For a link annot I can create an PDAction by creating a PDViewDest
object and
deriving my PDAction object from it.
This PDAction object can then be set to the PDAnnot object which I
have created.
Everythng is working fine.The new links are also working fine except
for a small problem.
When I create a Link annotation a rectangle is automatiaclly drawn for
"Is there some way I can hide this rectangle."

This is similar to the Link facility in Acrobat. In Edit mode
rectangles are
visible around the Links whereas in normal they become invisble if the
Invisble rect property was selected.

Thanks in advance