CGM graphics in PDF files

CGM graphics in PDF files

Post by K C » Thu, 17 Jul 2003 22:45:44

I am trying to write a program that converts an automotive parts
catalog database into an actual catalog in PDF format,

Inserting the parts data is a breeze. The problem is the graphics for
the parts are all line drawings in the old .cgm graphics format which
can't be imported into PDF files. (At least no way that I can

Because .cgm is a vector based graphics format, converting the
graphics to a raster format (.jpg, .tif, .bmp) degrades the quality of
the graphics to an unusable format.

Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions?


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Dear fellownetters,

We are provided a series of pictures in "CGM" formatted files, and
have a lot of VT340 terminals for our users.

Question 1. Does any of you know a conversion program from CGM in
either "sixel" or "regis"(preferred).

Question 2. Does any of you know what how the CGM-format is spelled.


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