Problems using Keystroke script for on the fly validation of text fields

Problems using Keystroke script for on the fly validation of text fields

Post by Jpg » Fri, 27 Jul 2001 04:55:04

I use Acrobat 4 to develop forms and have difficulties using the keystroke
script of a text input field.
This field is used to enter a user name.
What I want to do is to (on the fly) check if the value of the field matches
a unique name in a list  and automatically replace  the value by the full
name and even if possible remove the focus on the field.

Part of the script could look like :
string = myFunction ( event.value, event.change );
if (string == "Sm") event.value = "Smith John";

With this code, the field is never modified, exept if I click on another
field (WillCommit is call)

What am I doing wrong? Sould I do in another way?

If anyone can help.

Thank you in advance



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If the text fields are all in the same frame, you can use GetChildren( ) and GetClass( ) methods.

This is the rough idea:

list of windows mywindows = frame.GetChildren

for each window in mywindows
 if window.GetClass == HTMLTextfield

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