2 problems with pdf

2 problems with pdf

Post by Richard Gri » Fri, 15 Nov 2002 05:32:22

1) When I want to print a pdf file with my Sony VIAO (Windows 98), it takes
a very long time to print when I choose the printer NRG 4525 with a PCL 5e
driver. Sometimes I am obliged to restart the computer because all is
freezed. I have Acrobat reader version 5.1.

This problem does not occur
  - with another printer
  - or with another type of file (not pdf) printed with this NRG printer.

Can you explain that ? How to solve the problem ?

2) How it is possible to create a pdf file which is readable directly on a
computer screen ? The pdf files I create are not easily readable on a screen
although they are perfectly readable when they are printed with a printer.
Even if I choose the Acrobat Distiller Job Option "Screen". Can you tell me
the important things for choosing the right parameters to get a readable
file on a screen ?

Thanks for your answers,


1. problem with pdf index build - stops too early

hi all,

I want to create a PDf index file from a large list of 3000 pdf documents in
about 200 subdirectories. When I created the index the build stops either at
10 or 64 catalogued files. I cannot see any logical reason why there are so
many missing, I do not specify to exclude anything. The result shows that it
reads all the files and does not exclude any, but the results are not
complete. There are some errors, mainly E0-210 (transaction) error whatever
that means, but that doesn't cover the vast amount of missing data.

Can anyone shed any light on this?


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