Tables emty in PDF format

Tables emty in PDF format

Post by G. Meye » Fri, 25 Jan 2002 19:29:32


I am using Acrobat PDF Writer to convert .doc files (MS Word 2000) into PDF
format. It works fine with plain text, but text and images within  tables
sometimes (not always) are completely missing in the converted PDF format.
Did somebody experience similar problems? I guess this problem is caused by
some table settings in MS Word, but not sure which ones. Any hints will be
greatly appreciated.

Thanks, George


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I'm a newbie to Acrobat/PDF.

We have a product for 'publishing' reports of numeric/statistical tables
into compressed disk (and web/html) format.
Its been around since the early 90's and we have 5,000+ users

It overlaps with Acrobat but has many more facilities for handling
such numeric tabular data as produced for the Market/Social/Advertising
research world.  We can include PDF files as attachements

We would like to go the other way - ie allow an acrobat user to
extract a page (via the clipboard?) into our software

Can anyone point me to plugins or 3rd party vendors who can bridge this gap

Thanks in advance
Mark Katz
ISPC, London - Innovation in data-delivery tools
Tel: (44) 181-455 4665, Fax (44) 181-458 9554
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