PubSTec announces available custom plug-ins, applications, and software libraries

PubSTec announces available custom plug-ins, applications, and software libraries

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February 8, 1999

PubSTec Corporation announces new custom plug-in components, a Web site
update (including descriptions of available custom software and licensing
schemes), and the posting of information about its customizable software

A NEW FREE DOWNLOAD is also available.

Our collection of plug-in components can be customized for use in CD-ROM,
Intranet, and Web applications. In addition, the PubSTec software libraries
provide a stable platform for these custom components, and for any custom
component we create to solve customer-specific challenges. Our
PDF-on-the-Fly libraries are particularly useful for custom document process
automation applications and for online dynamic PDF generation.

PubSTec provides flexible terms for site, title and Web licensing of
components. In some cases, the cost of software licenses can be reduced when
bundled with service-bureau work.

PubSTec is pleased to announce the following new custom components:

PubSTec PDFNavigator? - Navigator is the core component of a powerful
document enhancement tool suite. The PubSTec Navigator Authoring Tools allow
for the creation of one or more floating toolbars. These floating toolbars
or "Navigators" can be presented to document consumers (in User Mode) as an
endless variety of button, frame and window configurations. Navigator
toolbars can be automatically hidden or shown when a file opens, when the
page is changed, or when a link is clicked. Navigator is an invaluable tool
for enhancing PDF-based document libraries, catalogs and kiosk systems. The
floater's buttons can perform any standard Acrobat action or can be enhanced
with additional custom actions. Navigator can be deployed on CD-ROMs and
Intranets. Contact us for special Web licensing of a Reader-enabled version.

PubSTec PolyLink? - PolyLink is used to create polygon-shaped links, and is
available in three configurations. These three configurations include
PolyLink, PolyLink Lite and PolyLink Reader. PolyLink is useful for creating
PDF "image maps" or to simply create links of any shape or size. Standard
PolyLink can provide all the standard link actions provided by normal
Acrobat links. PolyLink Reader can be licensed for deployment on CD-ROMs or
the Web. PolyLink Lite is freely downloadable (for non-commercial use).
PolyLink Lite can also be licensed for commercial use in situations where
the full feature set of PolyLink is not required.

PubSTec Standard Libraries:

We have now included overview descriptions of our custom software libraries
on the Web site. By using our pre-existing libraries as the platform for
custom software, PubSTec is able to provide low cost and reliable custom

Note: PubSTec does not sell its source code. We sell custom solutions based
on our libraries.

PubSTec PDF-on-the-Fly Library - Overview description of PubSTec's
extensible "on-the-fly" library used to craft custom dynamic PDF solutions.

PubSTec Plug-In Starter Library - Overview description of the library we use
to create custom low cost, low maintenance plug-ins and applications.

Other Custom Plug-In Components Currently Available:

Note: These components can be adapted to your specific requirements or we
can create completely new solutions.

PubSTec ActionTM - Allows a user to launch a file from a PDF link. This
plug-in can pass parameters to another application, and can pass the text
within a link's bounding rectangle. PubSTec Action also bypasses the "Open
Application?" dialog that is displayed when attempting to open non-PDF type

PubSTec PowerZoomTM - A new twist on an oft-used idea, PowerZoom is a very
handy tool to include with PDF solutions of every type. Clicking and holding
the mouse button down while the PowerZoom tool is active "zooms-in" on the
current view. If the ctrl key (option key on the Mac) is held down while
holding the mouse button down the view shrinks. Holding down the shift key
while performing the above doubles the zoom factor. In each case releasing
the mouse button returns the view to normal.

PubSTec SecureTM - A plug-in that allows the user to assign file security
settings from a custom menu in Exchange. These settings can then be applied
via an Exchange toolbar button, or optionally, automatically the next time
the file is opened.

PubSTec FloatTextTM - Gives a user the ability to "float" edit windows above
the PDF document being viewed. These floating text windows allow the user to
save information from an Acrobat document for later use, and they do so
without forcing the user to task-switch between Acrobat and another text
editing application.

PubSTec PageClipTM - Allows the user to mark pages in a document and locate
those pages later. Think of PageClip as the electronic equivalent of
"dog-earing" the page(s) of a print document.

PubSTec PopUpTextTM - Gives the user an ability to create links that pop up
one or more dialogs containing text messages. Great for on-page term
definitions, instructional text, and placing part numbers/descriptions on
numbered callouts.

PubSTec PrintPageTM - Provides facility for the user to print the current
page (and only the current page) of a file from a menu in Exchange.
PrintPage also provides a toolbar button for the same purpose.

PubSTec StarterTM - Allows the user to launch a file from a menu in
Exchange. Starter also attaches that same file to a toolbar button. A nice
personal productivity tool.

Please visit our Web site at Currently available
FREE DOWNLOADS now includes PolyLinkTM Lite.

Please remember that all FREE versions of our software are available for
non-commercial, personal use only. To inquire about these or any of PubSTec
Corporation's plug-ins or applications please contact us using the
information below.

PubSTec Corporation
12871 Pinewood St.
Gowen, MI 49326
Phone: (616) 225-8912
Fax: (616) 225-1145

Ted Walker
PubSTec Corporation


1. ANNOUNCE: New FrameMaker plug-ins available

(If you're not interested in new or updated FrameMaker plug-ins, please
disregard this message.)

Silicon Prairie Software is pleased to announce the release of new and
updated plug-ins for FrameMaker 5.5x and 6.0.

The following new plug-ins have been released:

Index Tools Professional 1.0
Alert Tool 1.0

The following plug-ins have been updated:

Auto-Text 2.2
Index Tools 1.2

All plug-ins are available for Windows, Macintosh and SUN Solaris. The
plug-ins are available as shareware from the Silicon Prairie web site:

About the plug-ins

Auto-Text 2.2 - Adds a customizable AutoText menu to FrameMaker. You can
insert frequently-used items like text or graphics simply by choosing
the menu item or typing a keyboard shortcut. Auto-Text 2.2 adds the
ability to insert items into existing graphic frames. This is especially
useful when adding callouts to illustrations. Available for $10 US.

Index Tools Professional 1.0 - Provides improved indexing capabilities
for FrameMaker. It allows embedding index entries into the flow of
documents, eliminating the need to work with FrameMaker's Marker window.
It provides tools to format generated indexes, including adding
"continuation" lines for groups of entries that span multiple columns.
Index Tools Professional also includes a tool to make generating a
master index for a set of FrameMaker books quick and easy. Available for
$30 US.

Index Tools 1.2 - Provides the same tools to format generated indexes
that are included in Index Tools Professional. Available for $10 US.

Alert Tool 1.0 - Provides the ability to display an alert message when a
FrameMaker document is opened. These alerts can be used to provide
reminders to writers when they edit documents, or to alert writers that
specifc documents shouldn't be updated. Available for $5 US.

Questions or comments about the plug-ins can be e-mailed to

Sent via
Before you buy.

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