Sharing a Sympatico High Speed DSL connection

Sharing a Sympatico High Speed DSL connection

Post by Jeff » Wed, 23 May 2001 05:32:18

I am trying to share my DSL connection on the network but can't seem to
get it working. Both PC's are running WinME. The server has 2 NIC's, 1
connected to the high speed modem and the other to the hub. The 2nd PC
has one NIC also connected to the NIC. All other network activities such
as printing and file sharing seem to work fine. I am using v 1.41 of the
Access Manager software. Apparently I can't use the WinME ICS with
Access manager so how do I configure the server to allow the 2nd PC to
access the net? Is there something like ICS built in to the Access
Manager software?   Jeff...

1. REQ : Need advice from Sympatico High Speed DSL users.

I just got sympatico in Cornwall, and I have to tell your it's an excellent
service. You can continue using your software. The sympatico CD has options
to install sympatico essentials with IE5, essentials with netscape, or just
the essentials alone. I don't know about ethernet cards. I just used the
one they gave me. I picked the ISA because I'm out of PCI slots. You can
pick self-install or full-install. I picked self-installation and I didn't
have any troubles. If you ordered before april 31st, everything is free.
The thing is, if you live in cornwall, like I do, you need to order
everything from the sympatico webpage. The package isn't available in
stores here yet.

Once you use it, you'll never go back to dial up

been using a Dial-up ISP V.90/56K
v1.8/32.548 and Pegasus 3.12c for
included PCI Ethernet Card?
possible, doesn't mind sharing an IRQ and
Asus P3B-F i440BX motherboard in PCI
I opt for their "without Ethernet

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