- PKT-STAT v1.0: Statistical network monitoring - PKT-STAT v1.0: Statistical network monitoring

Post by RzK Doris Koep » Tue, 13 Sep 1994 13:16:01

I have uploaded to SimTel, the Coast to Coast Software Repository (tm),
(available by anonymous ftp from the primary mirror site OAK.Oakland.Edu
and its mirrors):

SimTel/msdos/pktdrvr/     PKT-STAT v1.0: Statistical network monitoring

PKT-STAT 1.0 is a DOS program.  It is a tool to monitor the traffic
between stations on Ethernet or FDDI LANs.

 - PKT-STAT gives an overview of the traffic on the network.
 - If allows download of the collected data.
 - It helps to identify "unknown stations" on the network.
 - Bigger LANs can be completly monitored and recorded by PKT-STATs
   big brother "NET-Control", which can be found in SimTel's /msdos/lan
   directroy (


 - IBM compatible (286 or higher) system with at least 500 kb free
   memory and harddisk with at least 0.5 MB free space.
 - LAN Board with packet driver interface (must be switchable into
   promicous mode).

FreeWare.  Uploaded by the author.

RzK Doris Koepke


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