Post by paul cla » Sat, 26 Sep 1992 04:13:30

I am looking for network monitoring software.  Sources say that Lantest and  
Netwatch will fill the bill.

Where is the archive site for these programs?

Is there a FAQ for this newsgroup?
If so, please post.



1. NetWatch by TelWatch

The NetWatch product of TelWatch, Inc. of Boulder Colorado is now
being sold and serviced by Ameritec Corporation of Covina, California
since the demise of TelWatch earlier this year.  I don't believe
TelWatch nor Ameritec were able to contact all of the current NetWatch
users due to a largely incomplete customer database.  If you have a
NetWatch, please refer to Ameritec (818-915-5441) for all future
servicing.  The customer support person for NetWatch is David

[Moderator's Note: The Ameritec mentioned here is not affiliated with
Chicago-based Ameritech (with an /h/ on the end), the parent company
of Illinois Bell.   PAT]

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