3COM FDDI/Ethernet switching HUB, or 6-port Ethernet Card Needed

3COM FDDI/Ethernet switching HUB, or 6-port Ethernet Card Needed

Post by Robert Din » Tue, 09 Jul 1996 04:00:00

     I've got a real ugly situation here and am looking for a short-term

     We (Eskimo North) are an ISP located just north of Seattle (Shoreline).
For our local LAN we have an FDDI backbone with a 3COM 3C16640 switching HUB
with dual-attach FDDI port that connects equipment requiring 10-base-T
ethernet to the FDDI backbone.

     The power supply in the HUB has gone south and goes into a mode where it
cycles ON/OFF about every five seconds.  Needless to say this doesn't do
wonderful things for our service.

     I can't reach the dealer.  I called 3COM directly today, after spending
15 minutes working through their phone tree, and another 15 minutes waiting
for a tech support person to become available, I was told they will ship a
power supply, only they can't find a part number, and when they find the part
number it will be three days.

     Three days obviously isn't a very workable timeframe given the impact
this has on service, so I'm looking for an alternative for short-term which
could come in the form of either a power supply for same, another switching
HUB that will provide 6 or more ethernet ports from a dual-attach FDDI
backbone, or a 6-port ethernet card for a Netbuilder II 3-Com router.

     E-mail may be unreliable during this failure, we can be FAX'd at
(206) 368-9048 or phone (206) 361-1161.  This failure is intermittant in
nature, when it starts cycling, unplugging it and allowing it to cool down
for ten minutes or so restores operation, for a while.

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