HOW TO MAKE: 100VG Crossover cable

HOW TO MAKE: 100VG Crossover cable

Post by Louis Bouchar » Sat, 22 Mar 1997 04:00:00

Anybody here knows how to make
a 100VG crossover cable ?



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1. Making V.35 F/F crossover null modem

Seeking instructions on making a "telco emulator" to connect two
routers via standard V.35 cables.  I have crossover cables for Cisco
routers, but cannot connect non-cisco routers except via their
ethernet/token ring ports.

To connect a cisco router to a non-cisco router, I can get (I think) a
DCE cable for cisco to female V.35, but before I buy a bunch of them I
want to explore other options that would allow connecting two non-cisco
routers to each other.

I believe I can get "normal" V.35 cables for all my routers.  Someone
suggested an X.21 crossover, but I don't know if I can get (at a
reasonable cost) X.21 cables for IBM 2210/Proteon, portmaster IRX, 3Com
superstack.  I have and can probably get more circuit boards with two
V.35 female connectors (part of a DSU).

I found this web page for making
a crossover cable, assuming one of the devices generates a clock
signal, however I believe older cisco routers can't create a clock
signal (some 3000s and older), so I presume some/many non-cisco routers
do not either, which would preclude making or buying a direct crossover
cable between them.

What I am looking for is specs on the wave shape and voltage for the
clock signal soI can make a clock for the above crossover.  Better: a
complete circuit diagram I could assemble.  Best, a low cost clock
generator assembled.  I was an electronics hobbiest before personal

All store listings for crossover or null modem V.35 cables I could find
started around $100 with shipping and I doubt any of them generate a
clock, if there were a device that generated a clock, I'm guessing it
would be several hundred per cable.

I couldn't decide if this belonged here or on,
I opted for here because it seemed too advanced, but I'll accept
feedback if I am wrong, I'm still a newbie at usenet.

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