What is the diff between MAC and PHY?> Is both are same?.

What is the diff between MAC and PHY?> Is both are same?.

Post by Sant » Sat, 24 May 2003 22:46:08

Could somebody explain the difference between them?. Thanks in
advance. Also inbuilt Ethernet controller means, Is both MAC and PHY
will be inbuilt?., also Howabout the S/W for ethernet controller?. Is
the software piece is separate written software piece or will also be
inbuilt?. Thanks in advance. appreciated. Sorry to ask that silly

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Hi.  I got a cable modem last month, and after reading many articles about
security I installed ZoneAlarm.  I have my File and Print sharing off, and
ZoneAlarm set to it's high security setting.  Well, I've noticed a lot of
alerts...All from address 208.184.17t2.xxx:1975 o many of my ports.  I tried
Sam Spade, but I'm not much in the know when it comes to this stuff.  I
think there were entries for bogus rDNS under the addresses I'm suspecting.
Well, I did a netstat in dos, and I saw the same addresses...mostly with
TIME_WAIT, but occasionally a connection was ESTABLISHED or SYN_SENT
(whatever that means).

So, I would like to know:

1.  Am I being hacked?  Attempted?
2.  Who is this 208.184.172.xxx that's contacting my computer?
3.  If I am being targeted, with the setup I have, how safe am I?  And if
so, Any other common (cheap) precautions?

Thanks, Mark Moreau.

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