Help with VLAN configuration

Help with VLAN configuration

Post by R042WAL » Sun, 18 May 2003 19:43:12

We have a 2900 XL doing VLAN.  We also have a spare 2900 doing nothing.
There is fibre from the telco to a firewall appliance doing NAT, then to the
2900.  We have one public IP at the moment.

A Trango 5.3GHz access point is plugged into the 2900 with a private IP of  It supplies Internet to a customer two miles away.  The
subscriber unit has an IP of

Now this customer has decided they need a public IP and I am wondering what
would be the best way to go about this.  This is my initial plan:

1.  Lease a block of public IP address
2.  Place a router before the 2900 and static map one IP to the private IP
of the gateway server at the customers site (via AP -> SU).
3.  Map the remaining public IP addresses to the 2900, but run them through
the firewall / NAT appliance first.

Would this work without having to go to a layer 3 switch?


1. Help on VLAN configuration: Catalyst 3750

I am going to implement a Cisco LAN. These are the specifications:

Main Server Room: Two Catalyst 3750G24T, two Catalyst 3750 48PS/PoE,
and servers

Second IT Room: two Catalyst 3750 48PS/PoE

Aironet 1100 Access point (2 in each floor, 16 in total)

Requirement: WLAN users should only have Internet access. Server access
(DB and File Server) should not be available to WLAN users. LAN users
should have both internet access and access to the server.

I know I need to use two VLANs. How can I configure VLANs across
multiple switches? Is it possible to restrict server access through
VLAN and at the same time offer Internet access to WLAN users? Any
configuration suggestions, case studies on similar requirement are
highly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.

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