PCS idle randomizer in (XAUI)

PCS idle randomizer in (XAUI)

Post by pran » Sun, 01 Jun 2003 17:12:55

Hi all,
    I have a query about the PCS idle randomizer (draft supplement of
IEEE std. 802.3).Where can  i get some more information regarding its
Thanks in advance,

1. 3620: idle-timeout drops non-idle connections


im really stuck with this:

ISDN dial-in users on our Cisco 3620 (IOS 11.2, E1 interface)
get disconnected when idle timeout is reached even if they are
downloading or while on irc.

i tried multiple values:

no dialer idle-timeout -> disconnect after 2 minutes
dialer idle-timeout 180 -> disconnect after 3 minutes
dialer idle-timeout 720 -> disconnect after 12 minutes

right now im running with dialer idle-timeout 30000 as
a workaround, but the cisco worked fine with 180 for
several months and nothing has changed in the configuration
before the problems started.

any hints ?


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alte str. 65      fax  : +49-231-5314575
44143 dortmund    http://www.comtron.net

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