WLAN to WLAN bridging over 5 km

WLAN to WLAN bridging over 5 km

Post by Bilal Muddass » Mon, 09 Jun 2003 16:28:05

My ISP has an office WLAN. I want to make a WLAN at my home and then
connect/bridge it to my ISP over 5 km point to point.

There is a plethora of information regarding the brands of WLAN
equipment and types of commercial/home-grown antennae. I cannot sift
through all that.

Some WLAN adapters do not have external antenna support. Some say you
shouldn't even consider that because access points should be linked to
external antenna since they generate high powered signals.

All in one solution such as Cisco Aironet is very expensive.

For me it would be a multi vendor solution to cut cost. But what
architecture do you guys suggest? What brand for the PC adapter? What
brand and specs for the access point? What cable from the AP to the
external antenna? What type and spec of antenna should I use on the
roof top?


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Hi NG!

got a problem here with two CISCO 1300 WLAN Bridges.
i want to simply bridge two ethernet segments with these two boxes like
it worked with those old BR500 Aironets or the 340Series once.

But it always fails yet. The "non-root" AP/Bridge reports on the event
log that "it can not associate" with the other bridge. However i dont
have anything like encrytion or authorisation enabled...at least i think
so! both boxes run in factgory defaults, just ip adress had been changed.

the 1st box is set as ROOT BRIDGE..the second should be NON-ROOT Bridge.
  this is like it was on the old BR500 series.

something strange is also, that the online help within the gear says
that "NON-ROOT" setup is for 1400 series only.

Is there someone out who can help me out here???? THANK YOU A LOT!!!!


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