Home Routers which support local loopback?

Home Routers which support local loopback?

Post by amit d » Wed, 02 Jul 2003 14:14:33

Are there any reliable home routers out there that suuport local
loopback. I have a networkeverywhere(linksys) router which *claims* to
have loopback. It seems that whenever I do a loopback to my webserver,
the router stops for a while, almost as if its confused, and within a
few minutes is back up and running. During the time that the router is
out the forwarding seems to stop working and no one from outside the
lan can access my webserver....?



1. What Cisco Home Router that supports DSL PPPOE/PPPOA ?

I have just ordered DSL in my home and am new to the Cisco world.  I have
configured Cisco routers before and have my CCNA, although DSL and PPPOE is
completely new to me.

Has anyone sucessfully used a Cisco 675 or something similarly affordable
that supports DSL/NAT/PPPOE for a home user?  They are about $60 on ebay!

I know that I could use my provider supplied Alcatel external modem ($150)
and connect its ethernet port to a Linksys 4 port 10/100 switch ($150) and
have a solution, but I would rather use Cisco if available.  I am using
Bellsouth as my Carrier/ISP/LEC.


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