Connection Problem

Connection Problem

Post by Gopal So » Fri, 06 Jun 2003 02:23:37

I am having a strange problem with Comcast Hi Speed Internet
I was able to connect to the internet after booting the machine, after
10 or 15 minutes i will loose the connection. Does any one has this
type of problem, i am using Netgear FA311 NIC and RCA Cable modem on
Win2k Prof machine.
It works fine when i connect my Laptop to the Cable modem, i dont have
any problem with the Laptop. Please help me if some one know the

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I have just got a couple of 1600 routers.  I put both of them in a 1900
switch and I also have a host in the same switch.  I configure the routers
ethernet interfaces with and .2/24 and the host with .10/24
(and gateway set to  I have also included rip version 2 (of
course with the network statement in the configuration).  There is no
"extra" configuration.

I can ping and telnet from router to router.  I can also ping and telnet
from the host to both routers. But, here comes the problem, I can't ping or
telnet from any of the routers to the host.  Why?  They are all in the same
subnet and I can ping/telnet one way.  I have tried to change ports on the
switch (which is clean), but the result is the same. I have also tried to
change the gateway to .2 (which should not matter and did not matter).

This really should be very simple, but am I forgetting something.  And why
is the connection ok one way, but not the other.  I feel like an idiot when
I can't even make this work... :(  Help me... ;)

Andreas H?ivold

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