Problems with NetOp

Problems with NetOp

Post by Dave » Mon, 14 Jul 2003 03:48:44


We are a school with a network consisting of several servers and 3 rooms
with 30 workstations each. NetOp used to run for each room, allowing all the
machines in the room to be seen. However, in the last few weeks, only a few
workstations are seen in two of the rooms, room1 and room2 and when run in
the room3, workstations from only rooms 1 and 2 are seen!

Any ideas what is going on?

We have been developing some software to control pupils workstations, the
software we have developed sends small broadcast messages on port 0 host but we have been using that it for several months without
problems. Recently we have added changes to the software that changes the
users registry for the proxy server value in
Settings. This software has been used several times, but is not running

Could the problem be  linked to this new software?

Any help appreciated.

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