What does a "cheap" gigabit ethernet hub or switch cost these days ?

What does a "cheap" gigabit ethernet hub or switch cost these days ?

Post by Al Dyk » Mon, 30 Jun 2003 07:53:30

What model hubs and switches are available for 3 or 4 machines (plus
an uplink) ?




1. new 6509 "Gigabit Ethernet x/x not a switching port"

Hi all,
Need a bit of you expert advise on the 6509 I have just got my mits on.
First of all, I have connection via the console port on the sup720-3b,
even though the set interface sc0 x.x.x.x x.x.x.x just give me an
I cannot connect to the router via the switch console 15 command. I
assume that i am runnign in NATIVE mode as the "set" commands seem to
be non-existant.

I thought i would push on and get some vLans set up etc to see how far
we could get.
When I try to put an intyerface in to a vLan

switchport access vLan x
I get the "Gigabit Ethernet x/x not a switching port".
Not be an expert at all here, am i running in Layer2 mode? How to I get
it Layer3?
I did not have this problem witht the 6519 we have.

Please help a know nothing IT guy.

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