Connecting Cajun p882 to p770 (Meritage)

Connecting Cajun p882 to p770 (Meritage)

Post by Ohad Dall » Sun, 24 Feb 2002 04:55:04


I'd like to connect Lucent's Cajun p770 (named Meritage before) to two
Cajun p882 with two links of Giga ethernet (fiber, single-mode), one
link to each p882. If a link to one p882 drops, the link to the other
p882 should backup it.

Do you know any problem to do this using the Port Redundancy feature
of the Meritage?

(configuring the two giga ports in the meritage to backup each other
using port redundancy, and leaving the equivalent ports of the 882
blank, with no special configuration).

If you encountered any problem with such a connection, I'd like to
know how you solved it (So if you have this configuration works fine).

Thanx in advance,


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Dear Colleague,

Here at our university we are considering the purchase of Cajun P550-R and
Cajun P120 switches. We've focused on this equipment because of its performance
tested by Data Communication Magazine and The Tolly Group (network equipment
testing company). We know all pro's about this models, but we also need to know
all con's. Especially we would like to know:
- what is the way of managing used (console, WWW or dedicated software -
  name and version is appreciated)
- if you are managing this equipment from Unix (HP OpenView) or preferably
  Solaris (HP OV or Sun Net Manager) we'd like to know your opinion if all
  works as expected
- technical quality of the equipment (number of failures with recognized
  reasons, less serious but also annoying things like hang-ups etc.)
- the quality of the support (software upgrades, response time etc.)
- other problems arisen so far
- comparision to Cisco 5505 (all aspects)

We appreciate your opinion and any information related.

Thanks in advance,
Darek Dej


System Manager at Institute of Automatics
Network Manager at Electrical Engineering Department
UMM Cracow, Poland

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