Fast File Transfer for Macintosh

Fast File Transfer for Macintosh

Post by Ron Garre » Sat, 06 May 1995 04:00:00

Fast File Transfer for Macintosh

Spectra welcomes all to its new WebPage ( and
anonymous FTP site ( Contained in the
WebServer for your file transferring pleasure is a demo of Ditto, the
fastest file transfer utility available for the Macintosh.  Ditto can run
over Ethernet or Spectra's FDDI cards.  Ditto has also been ported to
Ethernet on the SUN SparcStation platform, so prepress and graphics houses
may benefit from the performance improvement.  Ditto uses System 7's
"drag-and-drop" feature to ease transfers from your computer to many
others on the Ethernet.  Even though the demo  allows only two users, kits
may be purchased for 6-, 12-, 25- users and more.

Please check our Page out or download the demo from the FTP site.  Have fun!

ron garrett

Ron Garrett, Spectra Systems "We do FDDI at Spectra!" (404-410-7803) and also ARO N4AEE.  Comments are mine own!


1. Problem with File transfer efficiency using Zterm on a Macintosh

I am using Zterm (V1.0b) and a Sportster14,400.  My connection settings is
        38,400, N81, xon/xoff is on .. NO Hardware Handshaking

Lately downloading a file (text as well as binnary files) I notice that
the line efficiency starts around 50-60% & drops to < 20%.  I also get a
few CRC errors.  I suspect it is a line problem, & or the fact that I am
not using a "hardware handshaking" modem cable.  My regular telephone line
has been upgraded to "data quality" (at least that is what Bell tells me &
it cost me more for the line than an ordinary one).  I am not sure what
the HHS cable will provide other than V.422 connection??.

Does anyone have any ideas regarding this problem?

Al Perella
"Nothingness is the essence of reality"

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