Loopback and RX_ER signal

Loopback and RX_ER signal

Post by pran » Wed, 25 Jun 2003 18:22:41

Hi all,
   There are management registers in the PHY . Now when the MAC
configures the PHY in loopback mode the TX_EN from MAC is connected to
    Also the TX_DATA is connected to RX_DATA .
 Now the question is whether TX_ER is connected to RX_ER ? I have
searched in the std 802.3 (2000) but i couldn't find anything related
to it. Hope any one of you friends can help me out.



1. rx_er error during preamble


I'm testing a nic card for IEEE 802.3 compliance.
Here's the situation:

If RX_ER and RX_DV are being asserted during preamble
and ONLY preamble, should the frame be discarded?

rx_dv  _/                                \_____
rx_er  ___/ \____________________________________

data   -< preamble  ><SFD><  data   ><fcs>


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