Wifi/Ethernet/Modem MiniPCI card?

Wifi/Ethernet/Modem MiniPCI card?

Post by Eric Kot » Tue, 27 May 2003 06:47:34

Hi all,
I'm looking for a product that I haven't been able to find so far.  I have a
Dell Inspiron 4000 Laptop I'm using as a Linux notebook.  This machine has a
MiniPCI slot in it.  Originally, it only had a MiniPCI modem, but I had a
MiniPCI Modem/Ethernet combo card lying around, so I added that to it.  This
machine also has built in 802.11b antennas.
Now, I want to add Wifi to this machine, but don't want to sacrifice
Ethernet, and preferably the modem.  Newer laptops (Like my Inspiron 4150)
have the Modem and Ethernet built on the motherboard, and the wireless card
is in the MiniPCI slot, but this machine has none on the motherboard.
Does anyone make a MiniPCI card that has a 56K modem, Ethernet, and 802.11b
all on one card?  I found one card that had both 802.11b and Ethernet on the
same card, but I'd still have to give up the modem.  I'd like to have all 3
without the use of PCMCIA cards if possible-does any such card exist?  Of
course, I'm planning on using it in Linux, so it needs Linux drivers too.

Eric Kotz


1. Will the WiFi Bubble Hypesters Kill WiFi?

By Andrew Orlowski in San Francisco

"Or the arrival of the Web browser, which blew millions of minds,
making a mouseclick feel like teleportation." - Wired

I was really calling the editor of Wired magazine, Chris Anderson, to
check up on which weird and interesting drugs he was taking when he
wrote the sentence you see above you.

[* answer below]

Anderson bet me that in five years time, there will be more 802.11
chipsets then there will be mobile phone chipsets. Naturally,
opportunities like this don't come up every day, so of course I took
him up on the offer.

It was an affable chat, but by the end it was clear to me that Chris
hadn't just drunk the Kool-Aid, his metabolism has mutated itself,
Science Fiction-style, to produce the stuff on demand. So you never
need go thirsty ever again.


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