HELP! Xircom PCMCIA Ethernet card

HELP! Xircom PCMCIA Ethernet card

Post by Paol » Sun, 15 Jun 2003 23:36:59

Hi all,

I've got a Xircom Creditcard Ethernet Adapter 2PS,
coded PS-CE2-10. I miss the drivers for WIN95/OSR2,
as this PCMCIA card is no longer supported (and in
addition, Xircom has been incorporated by Intel).

Any of you PC gurus know where to look?...




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I have a laptop, 33.6 Modem and Ethernet PCMCIA card.  Whenever I try to
connect to my ISP I can hear the modems connect but the screen still says
connecting.  After about 10 secs it says 'remote computer is not answering'.
I can try this about 10 times before it suddenly goes in ok and after it
connects I have no probs.  Why does it keep coming up with trying to connect
and not 'verifying username and password' ??

This is so annoying !  Please help.

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