UTP wiring

UTP wiring

Post by Timothy S. Weav » Thu, 05 Aug 1993 00:18:31

Could someone please post the wiring pinouts for UTP?  I need to know where
the TXD+/- and RXD+/- go on each end.

UTP wiring

Post by ober.. » Thu, 05 Aug 1993 01:24:53

Quote:>Could someone please post the wiring pinouts for UTP?  I need to know where
>the TXD+/- and RXD+/- go on each end.

10BaseT uses pairs 2 and 3 of the RJ-45 which are:
1 - Uplink+
2 - Uplink-
3 - Downlink+
6 - Downlink-

I did not use the terms TXD and RXD because the cable doesn't have any null
modem character. That is, it is a straight through cable from the hub to the
MAU (or from hub to hub). Uplink is TXD for the MAU and RXD for the hub.

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