Libraries for XNS ?

Libraries for XNS ?

Post by Herb Schilli » Sat, 21 Nov 1992 22:03:23

We want to use XNS to send messages between a PC program and a VAX
program. Are there any libraries to help us do this ? Thanks.
Herb Schilling , NASA Lewis Research Center , 21000 Brookpark Road, MS 142-5


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just need some advice....any help/response is appreciated.....

what I want to do is encapsulate XNS traffic over IP. Essentially this is what
I want:


Lan#1 has a Tandem Mainframe system running XNS
Lan#2 has a Xerox printer running XNS

What I would like to do is set up eth1 and eth2 (both ethernet interfaces on
the cisco routers r1 and r2,respectively)  to bridge XNS and set up r1 and r2
as DLSw.

Is this possible?? how would I set up the ethernet interfaces to only pass XNS
traffic, without doing XNS routing??  would I need any special configurations
for r1 and r2 to set them up as DLSw for XNS??  and would the same thing work
if I did GRE???

thanks again

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