Gbe to Fast ethernet switch buffers

Gbe to Fast ethernet switch buffers

Post by Jo » Mon, 21 Jul 2003 22:57:39

I have a device which generates multi-unicast RTP packets on a Gbe
link. I have the output connected to a NetGear switch that has 2 Gbe
GBIC and 24 fast ports. I am experiencing packet loss on the fast
(100mb) ports. I have multiple RTP endpoints on a single fast port. My
device will burst packets out at Gbe rates every 10 msec. Are most
switches capable of buffering the bursts? The burst can be from 10 to
100 packets long. I suspect that the 100 mb ports are being
overflowed. Is this a common problem with bridging Gbe to Fast?



1. How does fast Ethernet switch make switching decision?

I'am wondering how does the ethernet/token ring fast switches make
switching decisions. If like bridges, it has a mac address table,
it remembers which port had source mac on the port; if no such a mac
address on the table of the port, it will flood on all the ports except
the one it received a packet from. I don't think the fast switch will do
the same, but anyone knows the detail?


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