3D PRO Stick: FS6 not working on all flights using driver 1.5?

3D PRO Stick: FS6 not working on all flights using driver 1.5?

Post by RicK Dun » Tue, 18 Mar 1997 04:00:00

Can anyone help?  Most of the pre programed "flights" are not responding to
my 3D Pro stick in FS 6.0 since I downloaded the latest 3D PRO driver (ver.
1.5)? Any ideas?



1. Using Flight Simulator 2000 with CH Products Pro Fighter Stick/Pro Throttle combination


I've just spent the last few days working with CH Products Tech Support
trying to figure out why my Pro Throttle refuses to apply power to the
aircraft when pushed forward. Using Speed Keys they had me program one
Throttle button and test it. It works but I can't apply power to the
aircraft with the throttle.

In Game Controllers, I have it set to CH Pro Fighter Stick. They stepped me
through the correct way to calibrate it and both sticks work. In Speed Keys
they told me to make sure joystick was set to CH F-16 Fighterstick and set
the Throttle axis to external joystick. They said it is not a CH problem
contact Microsoft.

Has anyone else run into this and if so what was the fix? I have not
programmed any buttons on either stick except that one in the test and it
correctly showed what I wanted it to. Any help would be appreciated!


  Rick Thompson

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