cheap Jeppesen enroute charts: Europe, USA and World!

cheap Jeppesen enroute charts: Europe, USA and World!

Post by Johan van Cranenburg » Sun, 18 Oct 1998 04:00:00

I have some unique sets of original Jeppesen maps for sale.
The latest USA maps USA High and Low alt. for $50 (postage included),
including Latin America (Total 32 maps). Almost brand-new 1997 and 1998
Europe: 16 maps: High and Low: $25 Including Middle East, Northern Africa
and Atlantic!
Or go for the world set! more then 80 charts covering about the entire

The maps are slightly outdated but still perfect for simulation.
For detailed information:


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Looking for cheap Jeppesen enroute charts?
I have a few world sets available of about 77 original Jeppesen enroute
charts covering the entire world! Only $100 (including postage in
More information on:

Charts are slightly outdated (1996/1997 issues) but perfect for

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