fs6/fsfw95 + Sidewinder 3D Pro

fs6/fsfw95 + Sidewinder 3D Pro

Post by James Sewel » Mon, 11 Nov 1996 04:00:00

Hi all.  This spring I was in the market for a new joystick and dropped 80
bucks on a Sidewinder 3D Pro.  At the time, I was disappointed that the
base buttons didn't do anything.  However, I really loved the rudder
comtrol, view hat, and having all 4 main buttons usable from my thumb and
trigger finger.

I'm now contemplating dropping another 60 bucks on FS6.  Before I do, I
want to make sure it is FULLY compatible with the Sidewinder.  By that I
mean do the base buttons work?  What do they do?  Can you custom program
their functions?

While I'm posting, anybody have a report on how it performs on a P100,
16RAM, 6x CD, Diamond Stealth 64 1MB DRAM?


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Hi. I would suggest:1) Please in future models of sidewinder make the
throtle control to move smoothly and give to it more precise
adjustments. I have found that you move it one milimeter and
modifications on the motor or jet are to high. Its imposible to reach
small adjustments.2) Sound: sound of flaps are to high and non realistic
as the landing gear sounds are.3) Is it possible to send messages to the
control tower (landing-departure) without having to interrupt fly, going
to the menu bar? This is far to be realistic. 4) Would it be possible to
adjust map reading altitude with out living flight and going to menu
bar? Anybody agrees or am I dreaming?

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