Real Weather DBase FS2K

Real Weather DBase FS2K

Post by RealWeathe » Tue, 01 Feb 2000 04:00:00

I don't know wether we really need this kind of thing, but there is still
the Real Weather DBase online. Check it out at
. And leave a message in the guestbook!



1. FS2K Real Weather REAL?

Whether I download local or global weather update on FS2K, all I seem to get
is cloud info.

Never winds, turbulence, or even rainshowers.
Winds are actually always set to calm, even after I just completed the
download, same for turb - always none!

Am I missing any set-up steps in the process?
Or does the download not provide the rest of the weather conditions?

Any info will be helpful.
Miami, FL

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