NOTE:ILSUtilV2_0 Users please read!!!!

NOTE:ILSUtilV2_0 Users please read!!!!

Post by Cor Diklan » Mon, 07 Jul 1997 04:00:00

To anyone who has downloaded the archive "" over the last
week I regret to tell you that it contained the wrong files.
Unfortunately I uploaded a beta version with the same name. This archive
is incomplete and contains no instruction on how to use this module.
A new archive named "" has been uploaded to:


I apologize to anyone who took the time to download this defective
ILSUtil are FS6 standalone modules that have the following features:

While in flight, at the stroke of a key:
- Display details of all/any (FS6) ILS equipped runways within a
specified radius (0-xxxx NM.)
  from your current location. (eg: Airport/Rwy name, Heading,
- "Autoland" any aircraft that remains stable under normal conditions
when controlled by AP Hdg/Alt.
- Display details of all/any (FS6) AIRPORTS within a specified radius
(0-480 nm) from your
  current location.     (eg: Name, Heading, Distance,etc)
- Scan the area for any (3rd party files) active localizers.

Want to get there quick without changing the "Simulation Rate"?
- Practice landing by "Instant Transport" to any of the 600+ ILS
equipped runways. The distance
  from the runway will depend upon your current altitude. (eg: 31000'
MSL will place you 116Nm
  from the runway)
- "Instant Transport" to any of the 490+ airports. Your AC will be 20 nm
out and 4500 AGL.


- Adventures now contain the entire World FS6 data. (600+ ILS Rwy & 490+
- "Autodecend" to keep you on the GS while you handle the rest of the
- "Transport to" depended on your current altitude. (see above)
- Search for ILS runways within a Longtitude range versus distance. (eg:
W90 to W110)
- No Maximum radius. The max. limit of 480 is gone.
- Speeded up the lookup table search.
- Display # of feet off the center of runway during approach.
- New/revised keystrokes as previous versions conflicted with FS6


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