Sindar, please help with gpf

Sindar, please help with gpf

Post by Richard Elberge » Sun, 09 Nov 1997 04:00:00

I am running fs95 and it works fine (although a bit slow on my 486).  The
last couple of days I've been getting a gpf after exiting the program.  I
copied the text to a word document and am attaching the file.  I would be
very grateful if you could look at it, let me know what the problem is, and
how to correct it.
Thank you.  Richard Elberger

begin 666 FLTSIM95 caused an invalid page fault in.doc


Sindar, please help with gpf

Post by Sind » Mon, 10 Nov 1997 04:00:00

Hello Richard,

You ran into the infamous Kernel32.dll gpf, which is caused by an
incompatibility in 3rd party scenery files. You can solve this problem
by running the program MODEXCL.EXE over your scenery directories. This
program is included in FSUTILS.ZIP, a collection of tools that you can
download from most of the FS-related websites.

Sindar MS_MVP

>[Saved as file: D:\Program Files\Agent\FLTSIM95 caused an invalid page fault in.doc]


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I've got an application with a dozen data windows, small amounts
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Edit Style, Edit dialog box. Only happens on ONE data window out
of the dozen or so I use. I may have changed the Oracle table
outside of PB but I did a database syncronization. All the other
data windows that work are associated with other Oracle tables.
The offending Data Window is the only DW associated with that
Oracle table, but the DW runs fine when I run the application!

I tried moving the offending data window to another
application's library and had same problem
so it's not the application. The data window works fine in the
application ONLY causes GPF when I'm in PB Data Window painter.
I right click on a field and then invoke the Edit Style and then
the Edit... dialog box. When I exit (or cancel) from that
dialog box: GPF!! Don't even have to make a change in the dialog
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Oh yeah, the application is tiny relative to my other PB
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Very frustrating and annoying bug!!

  Ned Hamilton                   NTC       Department of Neurosurgery


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