>>>>>> UKAC News <<<<<<

>>>>>> UKAC News <<<<<<

Post by Dave Mar » Fri, 03 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Thanks to J.M. (you know who you are) for pointing out my STUPID
mistake of putting the wrong filenames on the UKAC homepage for the
optional wav files.

The names are shown as UKACATC0.zip thru UKACATC9.zip

But SHOULD be UKACWAV0.zip thru UKACWAV9.zip

UKAC homepages have been corrected.

So, if you've had problems finding them, that's why.

Really sorry about that, hope it hasn't caused too many problems.

I've also uploaded all the files to
ftp.demon.co.uk/pub/ibmpc/flightsim (Thursday 2/7/98 at 06:00).
Apparently it takes up to 48 hours to process these files before they
become available for downloading, so if you don't find them straight
away, please call back.



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1. >>>>>> UKAC Update <<<<<<


Just to let you know I've just uploaded an update to UKAC (version

Please check out my homepage at http://www.demarch.demon.co.uk under
the NEWS section to see *What's New* in this release.  Also the FILES
section for the latest download site(s) where these files are
available.  Initially you'll find them at:-

 ftp://ftp.iup.edu/flight-sim/uploads/ (with others to follow soon)

UNFORTUNATELY, I checked my homepages just prior to posting this
message and they have not yet been refreshed with the latest info, so
you may have to call back later...  I'm sure they will be available
within the next few hours.

Any problems or queries, please get in touch.


Dave March

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