cheap Jeppesen enroute charts

cheap Jeppesen enroute charts

Post by Joha » Sat, 15 Mar 1997 04:00:00

&nbsp; If you are looking for cheap Jeppesen enroute charts please check
out the following homepage:&nbsp;
<BR><A HREF=""></A>&nbsp;
<BR>You will find information about the availability of slightly outdated enroute
charts but still very usefull for simulation purposes.&nbsp;
<BR>F.i.: one 15 charts set covering western europe (including N. Africa and
Middle East!) for $25&nbsp;
<BR>And a&nbsp; 22 charts set covering the entire european continent for $40&nbsp;
<BR>And above all: a set covering the world!



1. cheap Jeppesen enroute charts!

I am currently offering some sets of cheap Jeppesen enroute charts.
These charts are slightly outdated but still in perfect condition for

You can now order a European set covering Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle
East, Northern Africa and the North Atlantic area.
The set contains the following original Jeppesen enroute charts

Europe (LOW) 1A
Europe (LOW) 1-2
Europe (LOW) 3-4
Europe (LOW) 5-6
Europe (LOW) 7-8
Europe (LOW) 9-10
Europe (HIGH) 1-2
Europe (HIGH) 3-4
Europe (HIGH) 5-6
Europe (HIGH) 7-8
Eastern Europe (HIGH/LOW) 1-2
Eastern Europe (HIGH/LOW) 3-4
Eastern Asia (HIGH/LOW) 1-2
Middle East (HIGH) 1-2
Africa (Low) 1-2
Atlantic Orientation Charts 1-2

The price of this set is only  $25 including postage around the world.
Other currency's also possible.
Check the charts site:

If you want to have this set, please write me:

Johan van Cranenburgh, webmaster of the independent fs98 site


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