Can't increase torque in rotorcraft

Can't increase torque in rotorcraft

Post by Daniel Mage » Sun, 09 May 1999 04:00:00

Every once in a while when I go to the B206 or other rotarcraft in FS98 and
try to increase torque the gauge goes backwards and I am not even getting
off the ground and no more control authority than while idle.  This only
happene when I switch from a fixed wing to rotary and then only about 30% of
the time.  I have tried to switch back to fixed and then back to rotary, no
joy.   I have the patch and converter installed.  It is running on P2 400
with 64MB, AGP STB 4400, Soundblaster 64 PCI.

Daniel Magee
magee at arlington dot net

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Is it possible to 'drive' a canned QNX Windows application
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do is to send the application window events 'faking' real user input,
e.g. button clicks, drags, keyboard hits or whatever, and make the
application react as if the user was driving it.

I have tried the simplistic approach of filling events with what
should be stuffed in for a certain action (QW_CLICK, for example)
and sending the event to the app. via a PutEvent(), with no success.

I tried becoming the owner of windows and pictures the application
owns (by means of WindowOwner, PictureOwner), setting the 'writable
by anyone' flag "W" on both, returning the ownership of windows and
pictures to the application, and sending event with no success

When my application owns winds & picts, I am able to receive 'real'
events directed to the application.

Is this intrinsically impossible ?  If not, could someone please give
me any clue on how to do it ?

Thanks in advance,


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