Making "look" keys/buttons "sticky"

Making "look" keys/buttons "sticky"

Post by Dennis Coll » Tue, 07 Dec 1999 04:00:00

I recently re-installed FS2000.  I love it.  Here's my problem:

I've programmed my controller (CH Pro Yoke and Pedals) the way I like
it, but the views from the*pit ... look forward, look right, look
left, etc ... require me to keep my finger on the button to maintain
that view.  Furthermore, that precludes using the pan up/down since
the buffer is full of "look" keypresses until I let the button go,
then I revert back to look forward.  

I've played with all the "repeat" settings on the assignments, and no
change.  Interestingly, the look back left and look back right, which
are on the other "hat", are sticky as I want them.

It seems to me that the first time I installed it, the buttons WERE
affected by the setting of the repeat sliders ...

Any thoughts?