Creating objects dynamically in the WinRunner GUI map

Creating objects dynamically in the WinRunner GUI map

Post by dzorb.. » Thu, 14 Sep 2000 00:05:53

I'm new to the software so I'm not sure if I can do what I'm trying to

I have a web page that allows you to add summary information from
various sources and list it all on one page. I need to check the data
that is posted for each of these sources on my page.

When all the summarys are loaded onto the page I have a bunch of
objects that belong to the html_table MSW_class (this is what they come
up as when I use the SPY on them). The problem is that they all have
the same object name. The only thing that makes them unique is a
location value.

What I'm trying to do is somehow generate an object on the fly to put
into the GUI map so I can look at the values in each of the summary

I'd like to use a GUI_checkpoint to do this but can't because the
summarys selected can change. The picklist for the sources is always
expanding and I don't want to have to go back and relearn all the new
windows on the page each time there is a change. I've written code to
use an Excel spreadsheet to dynamically create the objects in the GUI
map for the picklist but I can't do the same for the summarys.

Is there a way to do this? Am I making any sense here?

Thanks for the help.

Dino Z.

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