UNIX Automated Software Testing Tools

UNIX Automated Software Testing Tools

Post by Terje Tesse » Sun, 16 Jun 1996 04:00:00

Have anybody used one or more of the following testing tools : Xrunner, QC/Replay, Xrc, CAPBAK/X,
X/WITT, ATS/X-Tester, Ferret???

If yes: Could you EMAIL me a short description on requirements, restrictions, user-friendliness,
features, target of users, connected with use of each tool?

Please also tell me why you think this tool is good/lousy.

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1. USA/MA -- SOFTWARE TEST Engineers Needed - Test Embedded-System Software Using Automated Test Tools

Position:               Sr. Software Test Engineer (2 Openings)
Location:               Wakefield, Massachusetts
Duration:               3-4+ Mos starting February, 97'
Rate:                   Negotiable

In search of two highly motivated Software Test Engineers who have
experience testing software as opposed to writing software for
hardware testing.

Position #1: Sr. Software Test Engineer
1. At least 5 years experience with test development for testing
embedded-system software.
2. Be fluent with 'C' programming.
3. Must have knowledge of automated software testing tools, software
complexity metrics, and test coverage analysis.
4. Should be conversant in test issues related to real-time
multitasking, preferably with medical devices.
5. Experience in software development using MS Windows/ PC as
development platform.
6. Will be expected to supervise software testing activities of other
group members.

For additional details or to be considered for the position described
above, please contact:

David J. Marzo, Staffing Consultant
Software Connections, Inc.
69 Milk Street
Westboro, MA  01581
Phone   (800) 289-7522
Fax     (508) 898-2820

SCI and client companies are AA/EOE.

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