How to test web application which is designed with XML,XML Schemas, SOAP,DOM?

How to test web application which is designed with XML,XML Schemas, SOAP,DOM?

Post by Balaji Deshpand » Wed, 20 Sep 2000 04:00:00

My applciation is designed using XML, XML Schemas, SOAP, DOM and I am trying to test such application. My question's are:
1)Do we have to test
*.xml,*.xsd,*.dtd,*.sxl files or what to test. I know XML, SOAP, DOM..but not sure whether we should use XML Parsers to test these XML documents those are generated from server and from clients?

2) In view of Performance test what are the points we should consider to test XML?
We are planning to use silkperformer 4.0 for performance test.

3) Does any one in this QAforums has any experience of testng XML,SOAP,DOM related stuff? if yes, can any one please inform what to test and how to test?

Any thoughts and comments are welcome.


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I have an idea that goes like this. XML has lots of advantages,
but human comprehensibility isn't one of them. It seems to me
that XML would be a lot more comprehensible if we just drop
the angle brackets and redundant stuff -- to have

  toptag nextlevel { stillmore bottom1 "hello" yetagain "world" }

as opposed to


I would like to still use a DTD to state the grammar, and I'd
like to parse stuff into a DOM -- that's handy for programs
to work with, so let's keep it.

What is a good way to approach this problem?

For what it's worth, I've trotted this out over on comp.text.xml
and didn't get any helpful responses.

I've worked with XML a fair bit over the last couple of years,
and I took a compiler class in 1984, so that's my background on this.

Thanks for your comments --

Robert Dodier

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