Test Mentor - Java Edition V5.4 component testing tool available

Test Mentor - Java Edition V5.4 component testing tool available

Post by Michael Silverstei » Fri, 08 Mar 2002 23:04:19

The SilverMark engineering team is pleased to announce the release of Test
Mentor - Java Edition V5.4, testing tool.

Newest features of Test Mentor - Java Edition 5.4

o Stronger collaboration between developers and testers
o Automatically create tests from recorded Object Interactions
o Enhanced automatic test generation in three formats:
    - Visually composed tests for QA teams
- Java code for developers
    - Pure JUnit tests
o  Deeper integration with JUnit framework
    - Discover, execute and generate JUnit tests
o Deeper integration with popular Java development environments (IDEs)
    - Borland's JBuilder
    - IBM's VisualAge for Java
    - Webgain's VisualCafe
o Code coverage profiling
o Transparent access to private methods, constructors and fields
o Distributed Object Testing
    - EJBs
    - Corba
    - RMI
o Fine-Grained Performance Validation

General product highlights

Test Mentor - Java Edition is an automated Java component testing solution
that serves as a bridge between testers and developers, so developers and
testers can collaborate
on component testing, using test representations that they are comfortable

Java components are your business objects, which may consist of anything
from a single class to an entire framework. These objects implement rules
according to
developers' interpretation of the product requirements, which may not always
be correct. Test Mentor's approach to testing components is to exercise
component functionality in
the same way that components are intended to be used. Components whose
services are tested this way are stable and present few surprises.

Links to more information

Screen captures and overview

"Test Mentor - Java Edition product brief"
Two page product summary that gives the bare essentials to SilverMark's
approach to Java component testing

"The fif*-minute overview to SilverMark's Test Mentor - Java Edition"
An informal equivalent of a white paper that should take about fif*
minutes to read

"A Hands-on Introduction to Visual Test Composition with SilverMark's Test
- Java Edition" Tutorial-style introduction to some of Test Mentor's visual
test composition facilities.

"A roadmap to full-cycle developer and QA testing"
Slides presented at STAR-EAST 2000

"Collaborative Model for Developers and Testers using XP"
Paper presented at XP Universe 2001 that talks about some of the ways that
Test Mentor pulls QA teams into the component testing process from the
perspective of Extreme Programming

JUnit Feature Guide
This describes one of the latest features, our transparent integration with
JUnit assets:

You can download a fully functioning version of the product from:

About SilverMark, Inc.

Based near the Research Triangle Park in Raleigh, North Carolina, SilverMark
has been a premier provides of tools and services for testing
object-oriented systems since 1996.

SilverMark's "Test Mentor" family is used in Fortune 1000 businesses the
world over to ensure the quality of applications developed with the Java and
Smalltalk languages.

For further information, contact:

Sharon Slattery

Phone: (919) 858-8300 x27
Toll free in U.S. (888) 588-0668 x27
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