IE 5's "File Download" Dialog box???

IE 5's "File Download" Dialog box???

Post by RicAlve » Sat, 15 Jul 2000 04:00:00

Hi pcostigan,  

Thanks so much for the insight as it was very helpful.

Would you know if issue occurs in Netscape as well?

I have not begun creating scripts for the Netscape browser but I wonder now if I should???  

In the meantime I am going to log a support call to Segue and see if they have had any requests concerning this issue and their response towards a solution.

Thanks so much!


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1. IE 5's "File Download" Dialog box???

When one clicks on a hyper link the IE 5 File Download dialog box comes up.  I am not having any success in having Silk recognize this IE common dialog box.  

Has anyone been successful with this?

Thanks :-)


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