Need your opinion on what book about Usability Testing is the most valuable

Need your opinion on what book about Usability Testing is the most valuable

Post by Vladimir Trushki » Sat, 30 Jan 1999 04:00:00

Hello everybody,

I am very interested in buying the book which can help us in full-scaled
Usability testing introducing. I'd like you to share your experiance on the
topic. The more methods/models are described in it, the better.


Best Wishes
Vladimir Trushkin
Testing Manger, ScienceSoft


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Sorry to ask this question in this forum...I know that is a bit out of
topic. But I decided to ask for help in this forum because I feel that
the members in this forum are more responsive and have more experiences.

I am now a degree student of a computer science course. I am required to
do a project (free title) inorder to complete my degree course. I am
interested in C# programming an therefore I hope to make use of this
programming language (actually I would like to take this as a
opportunity to sharpen my skill of c# programming b4 I sit for the mcsd
exam). Can any1 please suggest me a title, which is challenging enough
and best implemented using c# programming. It can be a desktop
application or online basis. I really need ur valuable opinions...

A thousand thanks in advance.

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