CFP Workshop on System Testing and Validation

CFP Workshop on System Testing and Validation

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Call for Position Papers and Participation

Workshop on the System Testing and Validation
September 21, 2003

Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

STEP 2003 will be held in conjunction with the IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance, ICSM'2003 (http://

Workshop Co-Chairs:

Universidad Politcnica de Madrid - Technical University of Madrid
Madrid, Spain

DELTA Danish Electronics, Light & Acoustics
H?rsholm, Denmark

SoftWcare S.L
Vigo, Spain

Workshop Description

Systems with software components and software-intensive systems are more and more complex everyday. Industry sectors such as telecom, automotive, railway, and aeronautical and space, are good examples. It is often agreed that testing is essential to manufacture reliable products. However, the validation process does not often receive the required attention. Moreover, the validation process is close to other activities such as conformance, acceptance and qualification testing.
The objective of the workshop is to bring scientists and practitioners together to debate on different approaches and methodologies to system validation, also considering different kind of requirements e.g. functional, quality, safety related, etc. Considerations on effectiveness of the approaches, such as coverage, cost, size of the test procedures and time needed to perform the validation are relevant. Additionally, common approaches to conformance, acceptance and qualification testing should be analyzed.
Another topic of interest is automation: general solutions sometimes are difficult or expensive to apply to specific cases but, on the other side, tools oriented to particular applications domains do not work for other domains.
Finally, requirements engineering takes requirements validation into consideration. Deeper relationships between these two subjects should be further stressed.
Workshop Outcome:
* Conference paper or papers co-authored by the workshop participants to be included in STEP2003 proceedings published after the conference by IEEE CS Press (to be confirmed).
Theme of Position Papers
* Position papers highlighting practical aspects of systems testing and validation are encouraged, though papers on foundations will be also considered.

Contributions are sought for the following topics of interest but not exclusively:
* Software validation process in the system lifecycle
* Validation testing in software intensive systems
* Standards for validation, testing, and verification
* System validation as a lifecycle process
* Formal approaches versus non-formal
* Approaches for different kind of requirements: functional, quality, safety related, etc.
* User/System requirements versus system Validation process
* Automation of the validation process: tools and environments
* Applicability of approaches such as model-based or statistical testing
* Test process and validation process improvement
* Conformance, qualification and acceptance testing: common approaches and tools
* Validation and system components (software or non-software components)
* Requirements monitoring
* Validation and system quality


Important dates
Deadline for Submission of Position Papers: 21 July 2003
Notification of paper acceptance/rejection:  4 August 2003