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I would like to know if anyone is/has using/used a product called VersaTest from a company called SoftSell?  This is a Tandem based automated test tool.  If you have, I would love to talk with you about your experiences with it.

Rick Drummond

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1. VersaTest opening in Seattle

My company is using SoftSell's VersaTest but is just scratching the surface
of its capabilities given lack of experience with the system. To date I
believe we're only using capture/playback type functionality. Is there
anyone out there in c.s.t land who's familiar with VersaTest's programmatic
capabilities and is looking for a QA position with VT?

My office is in Seattle, and sorry I personally have no further details on
this as I'm just posting for a colleague unfamiliar with c.s.t. And this
pitch is so soft clearly I'm not a recruiter!

If you have any interest, get back to me and I will pass you along to my
colleague at work for more details.

Brian Ray

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