QA vs SQA and Delphi

QA vs SQA and Delphi

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Any users out there using either QA Partner or SQA Teamtest with Delphi as
the development environment.  If not, anyone using either of the above
testing tools with some other full object-oriented environment. I am
interesting in hearing other user's thoughts on how well either of the
tools works with object recording.  

1. SQA vs Web QA

Hello all!

Just as a re-introduction... here in Boston, at Hill Holliday
Interactive, I *am* the QA department. ;} They never had a web QA
department before, no previous policy, no previous procedure. Most of
my past three years of computer consulting experience was more geared
towards QA in the software development industry, and not the web
development industry.

It was difficult at first switching gears. Normally I am used to a
carefully regimented structure. Taking a frozen software product.
Examining and analysing it. Meeting with developers. Designing
testplans, pouring over any and all help docs or design specs or flow
charts. Testing the product. Documenting each and every individual bug
in Lotus Notes, giving any bugs... er... "issues"... you know...
tracking the life cycle of a bug from opening up an issue, to closing
an issue.

Web testing, the turnaround time expected and the time alotted for
testing purposes seem to be much... shorter. Things happen at a much
more rapid pace. There is less time, I find, to be as regimented as I
would like to be.

Is there anyone else who made the jump from testing products to testing

I was having difficulty trying to come up with some type of mathmatical
formula, where, when a project manager rushes into my alcove with my
five different computers, I could plug in numbers for variables, and
give some sort of estimate on when the projects would be done.

Here is what one person came up with:
* 15 minutes setup + 5 minutes per page + 1 minute per Kbyte + 15 min.
per JavaScript function
* For a 20 page site with an average of 7K per page & no JavaScript:
4.25 hours
* For 20 page site with an average of 7K per page and 10 JavaScript
functions: 6.75 hours
* Each additional browser adds 30% to this time.

My end goal is to use a formula like this to design a calculator
program, where the project manager could go to the QA web site on the
intranet, which I am in the process of developing, type in the Top
Level Page of the site that needs to be tested, check off in the
checkboxes which browser/ platforms they want, type in how many pages,
and after the information is entered, a time estimate pops out.

For browsers, we have everything from NCSA Mosaic 2.0 & 2.11 (just for
fun); every browser for the PC and Mac for Netscape except NN 1.0
contained in individual folders, separating the ones with Shockwave and
Flash plug-ins, from the ones without the plug-ins, and MSIE 3.02/
4.0x/ 5.0 ... and even Windows versions of AOL 3.0 and 4.0, in case
someone asks for it. And Lynx, of course.

Hrm... am I forgetting anything?
Oh yeah, and we'll be getting Redhat Linux and Windows98, along with
our NT and 95 machines (one of the 95 machines I still need to put OSR1
on it).

-T.J. Maher
 QA Engineer
 Hill Holliday Interactive

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