Download Software

Download Software

Post by Lester William » Sun, 05 Aug 2001 07:19:44

Does anyone know where to go to download free software? Programs like Norton
Systemsworks2001, Norton Anitvirus, Quickbooks, and Quicken. If anyone can
help me I woudl greatly appreciate it. You can just reply to the post or


1. Download Software


I am a registered user of OZI, but it works only WIthj Win95. I wil be on the
road with an old laptop with only DOS and Win 31.
I am looking for a software wihch can download datas from my Magellan. The
filses generated must be used with OZI. I would like to tranfer data on the
road to free space in teh memory oe my GPS

Thank you

Bernard Grychowski

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